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    Any Which Way You Can / Every Which Way But Loose (Two Discs) (1978)

    Release Date: 27 February 2006


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    Product Details

    Two features. Any Which Way You Can and its prequel Every Which Way But Loose which finds fist fighting legend Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood) attempting to live out a quiet backwoods retirement with his mother (Ruth Gordon), his girlfriend (Sandra Locke) and his mischievous orang-utan, Clyde. Some mobsters who routinely pit black widow scorpions against each other for kicks, however, want Philo to go into battle with a friend (William Smith) who just might be the only man Philo cant take down. This sequel goes even farther than the original in its uncommon combination of childrens entertainment and bare-knuckle action. Also included are biker gangs, raunchy humour and bold sexuality featuring both the elderly and orang-utans. Stunt director Buddy Van Horne masterfully stages the final bout between Eastwood and Wilson, one of the most brutal sequences ever in a PG-rated film. Eastwood teams with Ray Charles for a memorable honky-tonk number, Beers To You.

    Technical Details

    Region 2
    Running Time: 220 minutes
    Production Year: 1980/78
    Main Language: English