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Blood of the Clans [DVD]

Release Date: 12 October 2020


RRP: £19.99. You Save: £6.50

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Product Details

In this thrilling sequel to Rise of the Clans, the clans are back. And they re bigger and meaner than ever. From the fall of the Stuart kings to the rise of Bonnie Prince Charlie, this series journeys through one of the most explosive periods in British history. The clans still clashing with each other face brutal civil war, dirty double-dealing from the legendary Rob Roy MacGregor, and a doom-laden challenge from a new king. Blood and betrayal are around every corner. Can the clans survive? Master storyteller Neil Oliver leads us through one of the most explosive periods in British history the Jacobite era. Going into the thick of the action he uncovers what happened to the formidable Scottish clans during the power struggles of the 17th and 18th centuries. From the Massacre of Glencoe to the Battle of Culloden, discover key moments in Scottish history. Learn the real story of iconic figures including double- dealing Rob Roy MacGregor, and Bonnie Prince Charlie. And find out if these formidable clans survive the attempts to topple them. Combining dramatic reconstruction graphics and expert storytelling, this series brings a remarkable period in history vividly to life.