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    Danger UXB (1979)

    Release Date: 15 May 2006


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    Product Details

    Anthony Andrews plays a young Lt. in the early days of World War II who is assigned to a UXB unit. UXB is the signal that an aerial bomb has not exploded.

    Andrews' job is to deactivate bombs made by German technicians some of which have fuses specifically designed to kill him. The series takes us through his maturation as an officer, a love story with Judy Geeson, and the stresses and strains of wartime on the civilians and military in England.

    Episodes Comprise:

    1. Dead Man's Shoes
    2. Unsing Heroes
    3. Just Like A Woman
    4. Cast Iron Killer
    5. The Silver Lining
    6. The Quiet Weekend
    7. Digging Out
    8. Bad Company
    9. Seventeen Seconds To Glory
    10. Butterfly Winter
    11. Dead Letter
    12. The Pier
    13. With Love From Adolf

    Technical Details

    Region 2
    Running Time: 650 minutes
    Main Language: English