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Dynasties I & II

Release Date: 28 November 2022


RRP: £39.99. You Save: £10.00

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Product Details

Dynasties I & II delves into the secret lives of charismatic, captivating animals as they fight for their families against the odds to create dynasties fit to rule for generations. Dynasties I takes you deeper than ever before into the lives of five of the world's most celebrated and endangered animals: Chimpanzee, Emperor Penguin, Lion, Pained Wolf and Tiger. Watch leaders battling rivals for their crown, feuds tearing families apart and parents risking their lives to protect offspring from the coldest and cruellest winter on earth. Dynasties II immerses the audience in every gentle moment, poignant event and heart-wrenching betrayal as animals strive to create dynasties. A cheetah must prepare her daughters to survive alone. An inexperienced elephant unites her herd facing their greatest challenge – twins. High in the mountains a puma and her cubs face a battle for survival. Family rivalries cause chaos with a clan of hyenas. New alliances must form to care for the young of a troupe of macaques. Will a gang of meerkats survive the drought and rebuild their shattered dynasty? Eleven extraordinary animals in heroic battles against the odds, Dynasties, the most intimate and intense stories of their kind ever told. Presented by Sir David Attenborough.