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Frozen Planet I & II [DVD]

Release Date: 31 October 2022


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Product Details

The Artic and Antarctic remain the greatest wilderness on Earth. The scale and beauty of the scenery and the sheer power of the elements – the weather, the ocean and the ice – is unmatched anywhere else on our planet. Yet these harsh environments are teeming with life: home to iconic animals from polar bears to Adélie penguins and from killer whales to wandering albatrosses. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Frozen Planet I & II is the ultimate portrait of Earth’s polar regions. The films utilise the latest camera technology to transform our vision of the region: on land, from the air, underwater and below the Arctic ice cap. These are worlds of surprising variety and beauty – seemingly untouched by human presence. It’s this isolation, far from the noise of human existence, that makes these places so special. Filmed across two decades, Frozen Planet I & II is a breath-taking portrait of our icy worlds at a time when their very future hangs in the balance. Series 1 Special Features: On Thin Ice I Science At The End Of The Earth