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    Hetty Feather - Series 2 (BBC)

    Manufacturer Code : DAZD0243
    Release Date: 18 July 2016


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    Product Details

    Series 2 of ‘Hetty Feather’ builds on the many strengths of the first series; the vivid, exciting characters; the deep emotional layers; the high-action plots and set-pieces; the wonderful textural details of the period – the candlelight, the corridors, the rooms in the rafters, the ink and paper, staircases and dorms: the Victorian world will come alive for a contemporary audience.

    Across ten episodes of this BBC series, the Foundlings engage in sleuthing to unravel mysteries; they meet an explorer from outside who offers them a path for the future; they discover football; a snake goes on the loose; the Foundlings are spooked by ghosts; they have to keep their own personal meetings hidden from Matron and her side-kicks, particularly when one of the meetings is in a big house across the City.