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Invasion (1966)

Release Date: 03 November 2014


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Product Details

Based on a story by Doctor Who legend Robert Holmes, Public Eye creator Roger Marshall scripts this cult sci-fi thriller from Merton Park studios. Starring Edward Judd memorably powerful in The Day the Earth Caught Fire - actor/writer Lyndon Brook and oriental beauty Yoko Tani, this brilliantly entertaining gem from 1965 is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Lawrence Blackburn, driving home in thick fog, brakes violently and swerves as a man of strange appearance suddenly looms into view. The stranger is knocked down and, bundling the body into his car, Blackburn takes him to his local hospital. Medical tests discover something extraordinary: the victim's blood is unidentifiable, and he has a radio-opaque disc in his brain. Upon regaining consciousness, he explains that he was escorting two prisoners from the planet Lystria when he crash-landed on Earth, and his prisoners escaped. But the terrifying truth is that he is a murderer, and his two female guards are now on his trail...