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Lexx - Complete Series

Release Date: 28 March 2011


RRP: £69.99. You Save: £23.00

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Product Details

Complete collection of the sci-fi adventure series starring Brian Downey and Michael McManus as crew members of the Lexx, the most powerful spaceship in two universes. Stanley H. Tweedie (Downey), a failed rebel who accidentally becomes captain of the ship, is joined by Kai (Michael McManus), an undead, virtually indestructable creature with no emotions (a 'Divine Assassin'), and Xev (Xenia Seeberg), a love slave from the planet B3K. The series follows this unlikely team as they attempt to free the universe from the evil clutches of the insect civilisation (whose sole goal is to exterminate humanity); travel to far away planets like Fire, Water and Air; and eventually visit a place called Earth in search of supplies, where they encounter such strange creatures as hillbillies and politicians.

Technical Details

Region 2
Sound: Dolby Digital
Production Year: 1997
Main Language: English