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Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries

Release Date: 03 June 2019


RRP: £24.99. You Save: £4.50

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Product Details

It's 1964 and the gorgeously reckless Peregrine Fisher is rocketed from a lonely, dissatisfying small-town life, into a career as a fearless investigator. Summoned from her coastal home to claim her mysterious inheritance, a young, wayward Peregrine discovers the world and legacy that her Aunt Phryne left behind. A natural rule-breaker, Peregrine has much in common with the aunt she never met. Earning her place at the Adventuresses Club, she must also prove her worth to D.I. James Steed, a dashingly handsome, by-the-books law man who doesn't appreciate Peregrine's daring habit of bending the rules, as she dives into her first murder investigation. The episodes follow Peregrine's adventures as she goes undercover in the world of high fashion, picks her way through 1960s TV, investigates a top-secret science facility and exposes a maze of corruption that leads all the way back to the Melbourne Police.