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Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Feast/Jerusalem On A Plate

Release Date: 09 September 2013


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Product Details

Eastern food in the UK – and made the flavours of the region  more accessible and desirable than ever before. Brought up in  Jerusalem at the crossroads of conflicting food cultures, he embraces different culinary traditions with a passion and creative restlessness unmatched by any other chef around.


In Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast Yotam take us on a culinary journey through the sun-soaked Lavant, from the spice markets  of Morocco to the exotic eateries of Istanbul – a part of the world that has captured his imagination since childhood. Across four episodes Yotam meets cutting edge chefs and local food heroes; experiences the remarkable repertoire of food on the street; and picks new and exciting flavours to blend with traditional and timeless classics. From stunning locations at the heart of each culinary hotspot, Yotam prepares a sumptuous feast

for the senses, arming you to bring a touch of the Mediterranean and Middle East effortlessly into your own kitchen.


And if that wasn’t enough, in Jerusalem on a Plate Yotam returns to his hometown of Jerusalem to discover the hidden treasures of its extraordinarily rich and diverse food culture. He meets and cooks with both Arabs and Jews in restaurants and at home, who draw on hundreds of years of tradition to create the dishes that define the city, and explores the flavours and recipes that have influenced his palate.


“I’m drawing on anything and everything from the Mediterranean and east, all the places that have a lot of sun and use spices extensively. It’s the most exciting food on the planet.” - Yotam Ottolenghi