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Spy in the Ocean [DVD]

Release Date: 04 September 2023


RRP: £22.99. You Save: £4.00

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Product Details

Go deep beneath the waves – on a spy mission to the depths of the ocean. Amazing hidden cameras give incredible perspectives on the ingenious creatures that call it home. This new BBC wildlife show has placed hidden cameras inside robot whales, sharks and even an octopus. From these cameras we can spy on the tiny spies and get a fish-eye view of life in the oceans. Bottlenose dolphins are famed for their intelligence, but Spy Dolphin is on a mission to find out what they really feel. Spy Cuttlefish takes the title of the most sophisticated spy ever made. Its integrated screen can replicate the changing patterns of real cuttlefish and Spy Seal joins a group of fur seal pups as they face the most emotional moment of their young lives.