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Stingray The Complete Collection

Release Date: 28 September 2015


RRP: £34.99. You Save: £15.50

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Product Details

All 39 episodes of Gerry Anderson's cult Supermarionation series. The programme follows the adventures of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol and their flagship vessel, the technologically advanced combat submarine Stingray. Operating out of Marineville in 2065, the crew of Stingray encounter a number of undersea enemies including the aquatic warriors the Aquaphibians, who operate under the command of the tyrannical King Titan (voice of Ray Barrett). The episodes are: 'Stingray', 'Emergency Marineville', 'The Ghost Ship', 'Subterranean Sea', 'Loch Ness Monster', 'Set Sail for Adventure', 'The Man from the Navy', 'An Echo of Danger', 'Raptures of the Deep', 'Titan Goes Pop', 'In Search of the Tajmanon', 'A Christmas to Remember', 'Tune of Danger', 'The Ghost of the Sea', 'Rescue from the Skies', 'The Lighthouse Dwellers', 'The Big Gun', 'The Cool Cave Man', 'Deep Heat', 'Star of the East', 'Invisible Enemy', 'Tom Thumb Tempest', 'Eastern Eclipse', 'Treasure Down Below', 'Stand By for Action', 'Pink Ice', 'The Disappearing Ships', 'Secret of the Giant Oyster', 'The Invaders', 'A Nut for Marineville', 'Trapped in the Depths', 'Count Down', 'Sea of Oil', 'Plant of Doom', 'The Master Plan', 'The Golden Sea', 'Hostages of the Deep', 'Marineville Traitor' and 'Aquanaut of the Year'.