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The Clangers: Complete Series

Release Date: 20 April 2020


RRP: £17.99. You Save: £5.50

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Product Details

The Complete Clangers is an unmissable double-DVD set containing all 26 episodes of this classic television series. Devised by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin, whose other credits include such masterpieces as Ivor the Engine and Bagpuss, the programmes detail life on the small blue planet, somewhere out in space, that is home to these long-nosed, gentle, pink creatures with their distinctive whistling language. Life is simple when you're a Clanger; with plentiful green soup and blue-string pudding to eat, the main worry is being hit by objects from space. Fortunately, Clangers have armour to protect their little knitted bodies and live in caves within the planet enclosed by metal lids--the slamming of which gives them their name. A peaceful race, the Clangers live in harmony with the other inhabitants of their world--the Soup Dragon, the Froglets, several Glow Buzzers and the Iron chicken--as well as any other visitors who may drop by.