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The Vintage Classics Comedy Collection [DVD] [2020]

Release Date: 14 December 2020


RRP: £49.99. You Save: £21.00

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Product Details

Vintage Classics is a collection of classic British films across the history of cinema. This 5-disc collection showcases some of the finest British comedies from the 1950s and 1960s, starring an array of comedy acting greats including Tom Courtenay, Alastair Sim, Peter Sellers and Margaret Rutherford. From farce to satire, these 5 classic comedies are fine examples of why British comedy is admired across the world. BILLY LIAR: Running from an unsympathetic working-class family, a pair of demanding fiancées and an unsecure job at an undertakers, Billy (Tom Courtenay) escapes into a world of fantasy where he can realise his dream ambitions. SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS: Enroll at the wacky College of Lifemanship where Mr Potter (Alastair Sim) teaches an utterly uproarious course on how to come out tops in any social situation HOBSON’S CHOICE: Widower Henry Horatio Hobson (Charles Laughton) fights to control the lives of his 3 strong-willed daughters. His eldest, Maggie becomes tired of his oafish behaviour and decides to take matters into her own hands by seeking a husband. THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE: A military mistake billets a girl’s school to share the college premises, to the outrage of their horrified headmaster and headmistress, played with comic mastery by Alastair Sim and Margaret Rutherford. I’M ALL RIGHT JACK: Bertram Tracepurcel (Dennis Price) plans to make a fortune from a missile contract, a scheme that involves manipulating his innocent nephew Stanley Windrush (Ian Carmichael) into acting as the catalyst in an escalating labour dispute, from which the socialist Mr. Kite (Peter Sellers) is extremely keen to make capital.