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Travelers: Season One [DVD]

Release Date: 02 July 2018


RRP: £24.99. You Save: £17.00

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Product Details

Hundreds of years in the future, the last remaining humans discover a means of sending consciousness back through time. These 'travelers' assume the lives of seemingly random people in the 21st century in order to secretly save humanity from the natural and man-made disasters, harmful politics and policies that resulted in the dystopian future they abandoned. The travelers assume the lives of people who are about to die. Despite rigorous research into their hosts' lives, they quickly find out that impersonating these people is more difficult than they could ever imagine. For them, keeping up pretenses will prove just as tough as their high-stake missions. FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack) is the team's leader who after the nearly fatal pursuit of a criminal, is taken over by a traveler from the future. The newly arrived MacLaren is immediately forced to live a double life while pretending to be an FBI agent, acting like the man his wife of 11 years knows and loves, while juggling the complicated plans set out for him and his team from the future. Includes subtitles for the Hard Of Hearing