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Wings the Complete Box-Set

Release Date: 19 October 2009


RRP: £34.99. You Save: £12.50

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Product Details

Available to own for the very first time, this prestigious and acclaimed 1970s BBC drama series follows the lives of the daring young pilots of the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War.

  Wings Series One

  Spring 1915. In an England still largely untouched by the horrors of the Great War, young men like Alan Farmer (Tim Woodward) and Charles Gaylion (Michael Cochrane)- join the RFC to earn their wings, still believing in the ’camaraderie of the air’. Their instructor, Captain Triggers (Nicholas Jones) knows the truth. German and British airmen are beginning to shoot at each other – and the air war is changing. Soon, it will be kill or be killed

Wings Series Two

  The air war on the Western Front is becoming ever more violent and brutal. A new German Fokker monoplane is devastating the obsolete British BE2s and the fledgling RFC is in danger of being decimated…Unofficially, Captain Triggers’ “C” Flight are given ‘Forward Action’ status – and told to develop new weapons and tactics to take on and destroy the German fighters…